The FreshDesk portal at is the primary NYSVMS access to both answering questions and the knowledge-base.

Members can either use the public portal or login to YM and use the member-only portal which provides access to the full range of knowledge base articles.

When they type in questions online the knowledgebase will deliver up suggested solutions.

The following procedure establishes how to build up the knowledge-base

1. When a member or the public answers a question for which there is an existing answer, the knowledge-base automatically finds this answer and you can send that off, with additional comments where required

2. If the question requires a completely new answer or a substantial edit to an existing answer go through these steps

  1. Write an answer to the question
  2. When you reply add to the BCC list.  This will automatically create a draft solution in the knowledgebase based on your ticket
  3. Either the responder or ED can edit the draft ticket
  4. The Executive Director will send solution drafts to legal for review, and move it to the correct folder
  5. Once reviewed, the Executive Director will publish the solution to the knowledgebase