When a new member profile is created you will receive an alert from YourMembership via email.

The following list are the checks you should run to approve new members:

  • They are not sales people looking for contacts. (If they registered because they wanted to place an ad, their member type should be "Advertiser.")
  • They are actually veterinarians that meet the qualifications for membership in NYSVMS, per the bylaws
  • A robot has not created the record to gain access to our database
  • They are not someone who has created a duplicate member record just because they can't remember their username and password
  • Their address and email information is complete and in the format you want it to be
  • As many fields as possible are completed using the information they've given you, in order to maximize the usability of the database - most people should have a checkmark next to DVM or VMD, depending on where they went to school
  • The person has registered under the correct member category - do they really want to be a member, or do they just want to register for an event? Did they really graduate this year, or do they just want free dues?
  • The person has paid member dues or has been invoiced
  • The expiration date field is correct, or will be correct when dues are paid
  • A regional group has been chosen (this is mandatory except for out-of-state members)
  • If ANYTHING looks suspicious, check it out before you approve members. You are the first line of defense against a messy database and lots of returned mail due to bad addresses. You can always use the licensing info at http://www.op.nysed.gov/opsearches.htm to check people out and to fill in missing license numbers.


Jen Hill

NYSVMS Member Services