We encourage you to add your CE events to the online calendar so that potential members can see how active we are.

If not - they might assume that not much is happening.

You can easily add your regional event to the online calendar and direct registration to your site.

Step 1: Go to your Group Admin Options screen

Instructions for this are provided in a separate article

Step 2: Select the option to add event from the options screen

Step 3: Just fill in the form

The form to post an event is fairly self explanatory.

NOTES:  You only need to provide the information with a red *

In the registration section select No and No

In the description either say how they can register or provide a link to your online registration site

Step 4: Drop us an email so that it can go live

Unfortunately the system will only add the event to your group events page.

But we can check a box and add it to the main events calendar

To facilitate that - just drop an email to staff@nysvms.org with the title of the event.