Procedures for the Management of NYSVMS Integrated Chapters


This document sets forth the controlling procedures for the leadership,  management and operation of the Integrated Chapters of NYSVMS. It does not apply to Regional Groups that continue to operate as independent organizations.

They define the leadership, management and operating principles of these Integrated Chapters.

Each Integrated Chapter represents a specific geographic territory of the state that is described in Appendix A, which may only be modified or amended by the NYSVMS Executive Board.

Applicability and Alteration

  • These procedures apply to all Integrated Chapters of NYSVMS
  • They may only be changed by the NYSVMS Executive Board

Role and Purpose of the Integrated Chapter

  • The purpose of the Integrated Chapter is to provide NYSVMS members with local services that complement the services that NYSVMS provides at the State level.
Regional/Integrated Chapter
Advocacy Messages
CE in Conferences
Knowledge Base
Leadership at state level
Communications and newsletters
Social media /online engagement
Advocacy ideas/needs
CE in the community
Networking and Mentoring
Leadership development opportunities
Membership outreach, recruitment and retention

Integrated Chapter Leadership

  • Each Integrated Chapter will be led by an Integrated Chapter Committee.
  • The Committee will be responsible for:
    • Developing and implementing a strategy for maximizing value to members of the Integrated Chapter
    • Gathering information from the Integrated Chapter membership about advocacy needs, and engaging such members in grass-roots advocacy as directed by NYSVMS
    • Delivering high-quality CE opportunities to the Integrated Chapter members
    • Fostering networking and mentoring among the Integrated Chapter members, with a particular focus on engaging young veterinarians
    • Providing opportunities for leaders to emerge
    • Reaching out to potential members and engaging them in local programs
    • Operating in a manner consistent with the bylaws, positions and procedures of NYSVMS
  • The Committee will consist of  5 people elected by the membership of the Integrated Chapter (who must be members of both the Integrated Chapter and NYSVMS), covering the following positions Committee Chair
    • Chair
    • Chair Elect
    • Finance Chair
    • Education Chair
    • Ethics Chair
  • As the NYSVMS Bylaws provide, the members of each Integrated Chapter shall select one (1) representative to serve on the NYSVMS Executive Board. 
  • All Committee positions will be elected by the membership of the Integrated Chapter, at ameeting held annually at least 30 days prior to Dec 31st.  Committee positions will be for a one year term, starting on  January 1st and ending on December 31st.
  • The  Committee Chair may only serve for two consecutive terms. In the year following their last term the Chair Elect may become the Committee Chair without the need for re-election.
  • The Committee may also establish sub-committees and appoint at-large members of the Integrated Chapter to such  sub-committees.

Financial management

  • The Integrated Chapter Committee is responsible for financial stewardship.
  •  They will have resources at their disposal that include the Regional portion of annual dues for that Integrated Chapter, and any reserve funds designated for that Integrated Chapter’s use, in addition to program and non-dues revenue that they generate.
  • Each year the Integrated Chapter Committee will establish an annual budget subject to NYSVMS Executive Board approval, that preserves or grows the portion of NYSVMS reserves designated for the Integrated Chapter.
  • The budget will include a contribution to the expenses incurred by NYSVMS head office, to be calculated according to the formula given below.
  • NYSVMS Finance Committee carries responsibility for the overall financial health of NYSVMS. The annual budget should be presented by the Integrated Chapter to NYSVMS Finance Committee by Nov 30th of prior year.  The NYSVMS Executive Board has final approval of the Integrated Chapter’s annual budget.
  • NYSVMS head office staff will support the Integrated Chapter Committee by tracking all transactions in Quickbooks and providing quarterly quickbooks reports vs budget.  All deposits and expenses related to the Integrated Chapter will be identified as such by using specific GL codes for that Integrated Chapter, and reports can be requested by the Integrated Chapter Committee at any time. A typical layout of these reports is provided in Appendix B.
  • Where there is significant divergence from quarterly results vs budget, the first step will be a discussion between the NYSVMS Executive Director and the Integrated Chapter Finance Chair to establish a revised financial plan for review by the NYSVMS Finance Committee.  All significant deviations from the budget, if not addressed timely and adequately by the Integrated Chapter Committee, will be addressed by the NYSVMS Finance Committee.



  • Event registrations and membership dues (both local and state) will be collected through the YourMembership online registration system and deposited in the NYSVMS bank accounts.
  • Check payments should be sent to the NYSVMS head office to be deposited. Deposit slips will be provided for cash deposits, and after depositing the cash a copy should be sent to NYSVMS head office.
  • NYSVMS will pay venues directly. Requests for other payments should be sent to NYSVMS using the form/system provided.



The following table outlines the division of responsibility between NYSVMS head office and the Integrated Chapter for running CE events

Establish Overall  Program of events for the year
Integrated Chapter
Select dates and venue
Integrated Chapter
Invite speakers
Integrated Chapter
Prepare individual event budget
Integrated Chapter (HQ may help obtain costs)
Prepare information for CE approvals
Integrated Chapter
Provide HQ staff with completed form outlining full event details and requirements
This is the key hand-off document when chapter passes responsibility to head office
Book venue and food
Signed Speaker agreement
Set up and administer online registration
Event promotion and emails
Integrated Chapter (with support from HQ as requested)
Telephone registration and queries
Integrated Chapter – refer to HQ where needed
Secure CE approval
Venue management on the day
Integrated Chapter
Onsite registration. Badges etc
Integrated Chapter
Confirm final meal numbers
Pay hotel and speaker
Issue CE certificates
By arrangement

Contribution to Head Office expenses

  • Each Integrated Chapter will pay NYSVMS a contribution to offset expenses
  • There are many ways that this can be calculated, and none will satisfy everyone
  • It is important that it is an easily defined formula
  • The formula will be reviewed by the Executive Board each year and may vary depending on the NYSVMS budget


C = Cost of NYSVMS staff plus office expenses allocated to the Integrated Chapter, plus any additional costs such as legal and insurance, and a share of the cost of tax preparation and filing

R= Total revenue of all Integrated Chapters

CR = revenue of a specific Integrated Chapter

Annual fee = C x CR/R


C = $20k

R = $120,000

Annual contribution
CR * 20/120
Smaller Integrated Chapters
Medium Integrated Chapters
Large Integrated Chapters

Surplus/Deficit in annual operations

  • At the time that a Regional group joins as an  Integrated Chapter, their existing bank balance will be treated as a “Designated Contribution” to the 501c3 NYSVMS Education Fund – and recorded as “XX Integrated Chapter Fund”.   Such funds are designated “to support the XX Integrated Chapter”. 
  • These funds are under the control of the Executive Board, however they are committed to follow the designated purpose and will consult with the President, the Integrated Chapter Committee on its use.
  • Records will be kept of the fund for each Integrated Chapter. Should an Integrated Chapter generate a surplus in any year, that will be added to the designated fund for that Integrated Chapter. A loss would be drawn out of that fund.
  • Should any designated fund balance drop to zero, then the Executive Board will meet with the Integrated Chapter Committee to discuss options, which may include combiningwith another Integrated Chapter.

Partnership events

  • NYSVMS plans to enhance statewide CE programs by helping to bring in renowned speakers for tours, or holding regional events designed to attract a wider audience. In such partnerships, NYSVMS may arrange with the Integrated Chapter for an increased support fee to reflect additional profit from the event.

Appendix A

Integrated Chapter Territorial Responsibilities

Western New York
Niagara, Erie, Gennessee, Wyoming, Chautuaqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany