These procedures are additional to the overall Board approved procedures, and provide additional guidance to committees


The Chapter Committees should manage elections for the key committee positions following a similar process to the bylaws that existed when there was an independent region.

In the absence of bylaws the following is consistent with most bylaws for regional VMAs

  • The election of officers should take place at the last annual meeting of the membership of the year
  • The Chapter Committee should prepare a proposed slate of officers to be presented at the annual meeting
  • Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the annual meeting
  • If there are no competing candidates have the members present vote on the slate as presented
  • For any competing candidates, have the candidates leave the room and take a vote in their absence

The new officers should start their duties from the date of the meeting, unless otherwise agreed by the committee, who may prefer they start on the first of the following year.

In the case of a new Chair of Education it may be better to have the handover take place once the current series of events that the existing chair arranged is complete.

The Secretary should immediately inform NYSVMS once the ballot is complete

Note that the term of Executive Committee Representatives is 4 years