Somebody can be in the x-ray room only if absolutely necessary to hold an animal in position.  Equipment controls and operators need to be in an adjacent room or in a shielded booth within the same room.  See Section 16.54 of the New York State Health Code as it applies to veterinary radiology (, page 76).

Here’s what it says on page 77 of the PDF (I don’t think it matters whether people are LVTs, but some hospitals may have their own policy about this since the supervising veterinarian is ultimately responsible should anything happen):
(3) Conditions for operation of equipment.
(i) Only persons required for the X-ray procedure shall be in the X-ray room during the exposures.
(ii) When an animal patient must be held in position during exposures, mechanical supporting or restraining devices shall be used. Animal patients or films shall be held only under extreme conditions when clinically necessary. Individuals holding animal patients or films shall wear protective gloves having at least 0.5 mm lead equivalent, a protective apron of at least 0.25 mm lead equivalent, and shall keep all parts of his/her body out of the useful beam. The exposure of any individual used for holding animals shall be monitored. Pregnant women and persons under 18 years of age shall not hold animal patients or films under any conditions.