Bank Account
All funds held by Region in their own bank account.

NYSVMS will have access to the bank account for the purposes of reconciling checks and deposits to the bank statements monthly.
Revenue collected online by NYSVMS will be deposited into region's bank account by NYSVMS

Credit cards    
Credit card payments for dues, events and sponsorships will be processed through the YourMembership platform
Checks will be made out to the region. If received by NYSVMS they will be deposited into the region's bank account
If received by the region they should be deposited by the region into the bank account and copies of the check together with the deposit slip sent to NYSVMS
Any cash received by the region should be paid into their own bank account, and the deposit slip together with details sent to NYSVMS

NYSVMS are not signatories on the region's account in order to ensure the region is in control of their own expenditure.
Check requests will be sent to NYSVMS who will prepare the checks and send them to the Regional President (or other designated officer) for signature
Where the region needs to spend cash, in general one of the leadership should use their own cash (or credit card) and submit a request for a check for reimbursement to NYSVMS who will process it as described above.

NYSVMS will manage chapter finances in a separate file in quickbooks dedicated to the region.
Tax filing
NYSVMS will prepare and file the necessary state and federal taxes
Financial Reports
NYSVMS will provide standard P/L and Balance Sheets to the chapter quarterly. Usually this will be upon request when a meeting is coming up.