Bank Account
All funds held by Region in their own bank account.


Credit card payments
Credit card payments for dues, events and sponsorships will be processed through the YourMembership platform.

At the end of each month NYSVMS will prepare a report for the region of the amount of dues, events and sponsorships collected on their behalf and send a check to the region for the amount owed.

Typically the reconciliation process will take until the 20th day of the following month. If there is a cash-flow shortage, please request an advance payment.
Checks will be usually be made out to the region.

In some cases an online registration or sponsorship may be paid by check to NYSVMS. In these cases NYSVMS will deposit the check into their own bank account and include that amount in the monthly check sent to the region.

NYSVMS will not be handling any cash for the region