See the attached diagram for a map of how all of our systems fit together:

Here are outline descriptions:

The central database of all our members. We use many other features too:
  • Website
  • Online registration and events calendar
  • Sales of advertising and other items
  • Issuing CE certificates
  • Career center
Sending bulk email
Members can ask questions online and may get an immediate answer from the knowledgebase. If not there is a ticket system to record their question and get back to them.

It is also home to all the staff procedures and help guides

This is an "appbuilder" platform which we have used to create an online system for consumers to lodge complaints
This not only stores passwords. It can take you to the site and log you on too
Primarily used for recording conversations with potential advertisers. However it does also enable us to update MailChimp with current member lists
Powerful project management tool used for our staff projects and project management
Similar to Asana - but simpler. Used to collaborate with regions on CE events