We are a small team with a lot to get done.

Have you ever noticed how if you aren't particularly organized you can spend a lot of time sorting out what needs to be done, and even rushing from one crisis to another.

We are trying to avoid that by having in place a robust system to keep track of everything we need to do, and most of all do it in a way that everyone on the team knows what others are doing, so we can work better as a team.

The core tool for this is Asana. This is one of the leading collaboration tools for small businesses. We also use Trello, which is a bit simpler and works well for our chapters.

If you use Asana well it can help you pull together the list of what you need to do today, from the whole range of projects and activities going on.

One your dashboard you will have a list like this which includes all the tasks assigned to you:

Note that all of these tasks link to larger projects for example the Office Operations project:

Some of these Tasks are one-off, but many are recurring tasks that are automated, so that we do not forget the routine things that need to be done.

Conversations about these tasks can take place right in Asana. Each team member will get notified by email when you update a task that they are involved in or observing. You may find tasks assigned to you by other people and you can just complete them in Asana, register them as done, and leave any notes right there.

Asana has excellent training and product support. Here is their getting started guide.