YourMembership is an "Association Management System" that does a lot of things for us, so you will spend a lot of time in there.

This article isn't going to tell you how to do much, we have separate "how to" guides for that. But it will help orient you to the program.

YourMembership supports a public site - known as the "front-end" and an administrator site known as the back-end. When you first login to the back-end you will see a dashboard

You won't use the dashboard much. It has some useful alerts, and some quicklinks to events, but most of the time you will want to use the black tabs at the top to get around.

The two tabs that are most useful at first are "Directory and CRM" and "Features"

But you may not use them much at all at first because you will probably just be answering questions about a specific member.  Let's say Dr. Rocchio calls to ask to change his address on file. You can find him by using the search button on the right.

That will take you to a list of all the Rocchio's - usually only one - and from there you can click on his name to get a snapshot of his profile, and some options

Usually you will want to go straight in to edit profile.

But if instead you select "View Profile" you will see tabs that can give you a whole load more information such as past transactions etc;

That's got you in. Now explore and get the lay of the land. Also there is an excellent support structure built-in where you can get help on practically anything. 

We have more detailed guides on doing other operations so search this system to find more.