These are filing protocols

All current year documents are kept in the fake wood cabinet under the big silve company logo.

What to file
Bank Deposits    

Left Hand Top- File for each month
+ Dropbox
Deposit slip / copies of checks / Report showing deposit total
Bank Statements, Funds (UBS/Vanguard), Merchant accounts and PEX

All monthly bank statements against the relevant month
VPEC contribution      

Quickbooks - via Dokka
Copy of check plus backup documentation
Voided checks  

Not applicable - no checks are written
Original of voided check
Invoices to be paid

Dokka (and then stored in Quickbooks)
Invoice after it has been scanned
Invoices Paid (and check requests)

Not applicable - quickbooks keeps the record

Regional Dues Payments

Processed via Dokka as above

Expensify (online expense system)
Processed through Dokka

Payroll (Filed by Executive Director)    
Kept online in Gusto
Knack application for treasurer review - and Dropbox