The Education Chair is responsible for organizing the continuing education meetings run by the chapter. However you won't be doing this alone. The rest of the leadership will be supporting you, and discussing options with you. 

You will also be working closely with the administrative team in the NYSVMS staff in Albany, who will help book and pay for venues and catering, as well as running registration and providing CE certificates to attendees.

Your primary responsibility is to build a program of CE events including:

  • Identifying and contacting speakers to agree their honorarium and speaker date
  • Identifying the venue and working with staff who can book the venue and pay for it, if requested
  • Providing staff with the information they need to obtain CE approval
  • Providing staff with the information they need to promote the event and run registration, including letting them know when you want emails sent
  • Staff will provide sign-in sheets for the event, you will need to ensure people sign-in and then return those sheets to Albany via email or mail

The Albany staff use Trello boards to keep track of each program so that we are all working on the same page and you can always see what is happening in one place.

It is best to try to plan events several months out, so that your choice of speaker is available and we can publicize a program to members so they can add those dates to their calendar.